Thank you to all of you who have supported our Lunchbox by Playground mini-restaurants, i.e., Noodle Tramp, PFC and Wagyu Chuck.

For the last year we’ve had fun experimenting in the quick-service industry. We’ve learned a lot and gotten to know a lot of interesting people. We didn’t renew our leases for the mini-restaurants so we can put all of our focus into Playground and Playground 2.0. This has made room for new, varied and exciting concepts in the 4th Street Market. So by February 6, 2016 you should be able to experience three new concepts in the 4th Street Market by fresh, young entrepreneurs. But we’re still operating Recess, our bar in the 4th Street Market.


Recess is a bar offering craft beers, artisan cocktails, well selected wines and house-made soft drinks to accompany the exciting food offerings of the 4th Street Market mini-restaurants. Our plans for a new sit-down, full-service bar are pending approval at the Health Department. A few weeks after approval, we’ll be good to go and you’ll be welcome to sit at our bar and watch the game while sipping the beverage of your choice.

Do not despair if you think khao soi, Playground fried chicken and the Playground burger will be lost forever. We’re exploring ways in which we might be able to offer these items and more for lunch at or near Playground in the future. Stay tuned.

Thanks again, we wouldn’t be anything without you.